Our Facility

Facility Layout & Equipment Capacity

At Maine Woods Company, we use a variety of industry leading, state of the art equipment to achieve maximum efficiency and produce the highest quality products. Even with the best equipment, it is our skilled employees that make everything function smoothly. View our gallery to see photos of our equipment or scroll down to see our equipment in action!
Facility Layout

  1. Log transfer
    Area where logs are received from yard
  2. Debarkers
    35” Valon Kone 5-Arm Ring Debarker and RosserHead Debarker
    Debark logs for sawing
  3. Maximill
    2-Albany 5′ bandsaws coupled with 2-Coe/Ahlstrom canter heads (chipper knives and saw blade combination)
    Saws logs between 6″-15″ in diameter
    Capacity of 3 logs/min
  4. Headrig with carriage
    McDonough 7-8A 17 degree tilted bandmill and Corley 17 degree tilt super heavy duty straight line, 36″ opening, 3 headblock carriage with 3-D scanning and linear positioner
    Saws logs over 16″ in diameter 8′-14’ lengths
    Capacity of 1 log/min
  5. Resaw
    McDonough 7-8A vertical band with precision moveable linebar and return “merry-go-round”
    Chooses best face to cut from headrig cants
    Capacity of 9-10 lumber pieces/min
  6. Combo-Edger
    8″ X 60″ Schruman, split press roll, 500hp (2-250hp) bottom arbor, #3 splined, climb cut edger
    Saws cants from Maximill, Headrig, and Resaw
    Capacity 4 to 6 cants/min and 11 lumber pieces/min
  7. Board Edger
    Schruman 3-saw shifting edger with Servo controls
    Edges board to 4 sides to maximize grade and recovery
    Capacity of 30 pieces/min
  8. Minimill
    Composed of a 5′ Albany double-cut band headrig, 3-D scanning, a Serig hydraulic powered 2-knee carriage with a 24″ opening complete with tempasonic hydraulic cylinders, a 2 saw short wood edger, and a 24″ log turner
    Saws logs from 6″ to 30″ in diameter with lengths 4′ to 8′
    Up to 1/2 log/min
  9. Planer (Downstairs)
    Planes 1″ to 36″ wide and 4′ to 14′ lengths
    Added value for some customers
  10. Compressor Room (Downstairs)
    Variable output and frequency drive
    Control on demand
    Provides for some mill heat on demand
    $43,000 state rebate for electrical savings initiative
  11. Rip Line (Downstairs)
    Capacity of 30 MBF/day
    Added value initiative in poor market
  12. Bin Sorter
    A complete 62 bin sorter
    Sorts lumber by grade, length and thickness
    Lumber end stamped with grade, grader and bin number
  13. Trimmer
    Precision drop trimmer with Autolog controls
    Capacity of 80 pieces/min
    Trims lumber to maximize recovery and grade
    New dust collection system
  14. Hula Saw
    Grades and trims cants to lengths
    Recycles boards for regrading and edging
  15. Grading Table
    3 NHLA trained graders
    Capacity of 80 pieces/min
    Initial lumber grading station for mill
    A lumber stacker for solid or kiln ready packages
    Two 50,000 BF and four 100,000 BF American Wood Dryers track kilns with protected infeed and outfeed. Total dry kiln capacity of 500 MBF
    Dry Line—
    Maine Woods Company recently installed a new dry line facility which became operational mid-September 2015. The line is manufactured by Piche and is capable of processing 60,000 BF of dry lumber per shift, equivalent to 15.5 MMBF annually.

    Total sawmill production capacity of 18 MMBF/year

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