1 Common Sap Hard MapleSpecies: Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, Soft Maple, Ash

Grades: FAS, Select & Better Sap/Natural, 1 Common Sap/Natural, 2&3A Sap/Natural, Pallet, Cants (4×4), Ties (7×9)

Specialty Grades: Birdseye, Curly

Widths: Random Width, Width Sorting Available

Lengths: 4-12’

Thicknesses: 4/4”, 5/4″, and 8/4” Thickness vary by Species

Rough Dimension Stock or Surfaced Lumber, Export Prep

Kiln Dried or Green LumberPackaged Cants

Wood chip byproducts available for purchase

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Potential Uses: (1) hardwood flooring; (2) high grade applications: solid shelving, specialty furniture, molding and door parts, staircase components; (3) kitchen cabinet parts; (4) novelty applications: games, paddles, wood carvings, etc. and (5) low grade applications: railroad ties, cants suitable for pallets, post & beams, etc.

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